Specialising in the best dangerous and plainsgame hunting in Zimbabwean concessions.

Track buffalo and tuskless elephant on foot, the real way! Also lion, crocodile, hippo, leopard, sable, kudu and eland.

We don't brag any unrealistic trophy sizes but my team and I do guarantee our best effort in helping you achieve your dream in the time allocated, whether it is your first or tenth safari.

Leather Products
Why waste your backskins and unwanted trophy hides! Let us help you turn this into something beautiful. Chipitani Safari Company has embarked on a business of manufacturing articles made from leather. 
From a range of guncases, carry on, travel bags, ladies handbags, wallets, belts ammo pouches - we can make items to suit your needs.
Contact us: Tel/Fax: +263 4 301 717 . Email: Chipitani Safaris

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