Andy Hunter

Born in Zimbabwe in 1962, I come from a very outdoor family,spending many years hunting and fishing. After completing my education I opted to spend over 6 years as a Game Ranger with the Zimbabwe Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management before signing up as a licensed professional hunter in Zimbabwe. I gained dangerous game experience by virtue of the work we were involved in including problem animal control, hunting, elephant culling, game capture of rhino, elephant and plainsgame and anti poaching work.

Having hunted in 4 African countries, I have grown to love many different areas, cultures and hunted a huge variety of African species. Everyone a challenge and as exciting as the next. My team and I thrive on tracking Buffalo and elephant on foot and especially with a backpack and are committed to fair chase and ethical hunting practice. I rate elephant and buffalo hunting as a great challenge and am enthusiastic about tracking and stalking both species.

Wellington Gorodema (Stone)

Stone has replaced Mendes as my main tracker. Being an older brother to Mendes he has very similar qualities and abilities of his late brother. Stone is quiet and unassuming and is an excellent tracker, especially on elephant

Norman Nyakutepa
Second tracker

Norman has worked with me for about 5 years now and joined our team in 2009 as a second tracker. Hs eyesight is phenomenal and tracking abilities improve on a daily basis. Hi pleasant nature makes him a valuable member of our team.

Richard Chilamba
Skinner & driver

Richard is the son of a cook who served me for many years as a game ranger. He is a young, friendly man who has become a very talented skinner and can take on any task with skill. He has been a very trusted skinner with this company for nearly 15 years. He is also an important part of my hunting party and is talented with many types of work. His pleasant nature is enjoyed by all our clients.

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